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Mar 5, 2023 路 The OnlyFans top earners make $100,000/month or more. An average OnlyFans creator is believed to have 21 subscribers and earns $151 per month. For every subscription that is sold on OnlyFans, it deducts 20% and pays out the remaining 80% to the creator. So far, more than $2 billion have been paid by OnlyFans to the creators. Jan 3, 2023 路 The vast majority of OnlyFans creators make $0 to $5,000 a month, but there are 100+ creators making over $1 million. This is excluding tips that fans send directly to creators for private messages or photos. Based on the graph, the top 1% of accounts make 33% of all the money while the top 10% of accounts make 73% of all the money. Apr 3, 2023 路 The average OnlyFans creator earns around $180 a month, according to the best estimates available. Nov 5, 2021 路 OnlyFans is a social media platform in which you pay a monthly subscription price to watch content. Creators have followers and decide the price of their subscription, the minimum being $4.99. The most common type of content is adult content, with a few exceptions here and there. Jan 3, 2023 路 The answer to this question varies depending on how famous you are on OnlyFans. There are few creators who earn thousands of dollars in one month while some creators earn very less or nothing. The average earning is around $180-$200 per month for an OnlyFans creator. Conclusion: To conclude, we hope that you find this article helpful. Apr 13, 2023 路 OnlyFans is making millionaires. However, this doesn鈥檛 come overnight regardless of what the headlines say. To determine how much money you can make on OnlyFans, we created a handy calculator so you can get a rough estimate. Depending on your following, anywhere from 1% up to 10% of your followers could become paid subscribers. In our. Apr 26, 2022 路 "Big month on only fans 馃槇," the reality star tweeted alongside the trophy that read "Congratulations Top Earner $500,000" in August 2021. Two months later, Jowsey confirmed that he had already. How OnlyFans creators make money 鈥 and how much they make: How much 7 adult content creators to make $1 million with just 1,000 fans. to stand out while only revealing her face in pay. OnlyFans creator Jade Nicole has earned over $1 million on the platform with just 1,000 fans. Jade Nicole Here are the top ways OnlyFans stars earn $10,000 or more per month:. OnlyFans has 170 million users. Every day 500,000 people join OnlyFans. OnlyFans has 1.5 million content creators. Many of the top OnlyFans creators make $100,000 per month or more. The average OnlyFans creator makes $151 per month *. The average creator on OnlyFans has 21 subscribers. OnlyFans has paid more than $2 billion to its creators so far. OnlyFans is a platform that allows content creators to produce and sell exclusive content in the form of photos, texts, or videos. OnlyFans makes money by taking a cut from subscriptions or tips as well as by selling merchandise through its e-commerce store. It largely operates on a subscription business model. Apr 26, 2022 路 Kopf revealed on her friend David Dobrik 鈥檚 YouTube channel that she made $4.2 million in just a month from her OnlyFans account. 鈥淚t鈥檚 not as crazy as you think. I mean it鈥檚 crazy, but, like, 4.2. Jun 15, 2022 路 The standard subscription rate costs $15.99 (拢13.20) per month though accounts can charge as little as $5.99 (拢5)a month. The maximum subscription cost sits at $49.99 (拢41.40). How much can you spend on OnlyFans? Blac Chyna reportedly earns $20million a month on OnlyFans.