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Although Paris teases her fans, known as Victorians, by posting couple content on Instagram and TikTok, she's been keeping her girlfriend's identity under wraps. Her face is conveniently. Who is TikTok star Victoria Paris dating? Victoria tends to keep her love life relatively private, at least for someone who posts regularly about their life online. In a recent interview with Elite Daily , Victoria obliquely discussed her partner as she explained why she had chosen to leave New York City for Los Angeles. Paris is a 23-year-old fashion and lifestyle TikTok influencer famous for being based in a tiny ( $6,000 rent per month) New York City apartment, although she recently moved to Los Angeles. She launched her account in 2020 and earned 1 million followers within six months, according to L’officiel. Who is Victoria Paris dating? She is in a relationship with her girlfriend, whose identity she has kept under wraps. Is Victoria Paris dating Jordan Studdard? Although there were rumours of her being in a relationship with TikTok star Jordan Studdard, there is no evidence to confirm the allegations, and their relationship remains unverified. She was 60. Paris, who was born Sheila Young in Great Falls, Montana, and launched her porn career in 1988, passed away Tuesday after a battle with cancer, fellow AVN Hall of Famer Christy Canyon. Victoria Paris new gf Does anyone have a guess about who Victoria Paris’ girlfriend is? She’s been keeping it pretty private but I feel like there are some people who have the creeping abilities to figure out her identity. 12 23 23 comments Best Add a Comment xseemex • 7 mo. ago She always has a new gf. Victoria is dating her unnamed girlfriend, and Jordan does not seem to be in a relationship. A year ago, Victoria was reportedly dating social media star and model Suede Brooks. They frequently featured each other in their Insta profiles. However, it seems that they have parted ways and are in different relationships. Jul 14, 2022 · Brendan Wixted Victoria Paris. TikTok star Victoria Paris is opening up about the intricacies of sharing her life online, including her romance with her girlfriend. "I firmly believe nobody will love a woman the way another woman loves a woman, because they see you for who you are and all the intricacies that men don't see," Paris, 23, tells PEOPLE. Aug 30, 2022 · Though Victoria is famous for oversharing, she won’t name her girlfriend and covers her face online. Her girlfriend isn’t famous, which presents a conundrum. How can she keep it real while. Oct 7, 2022 · Is Victoria Paris In A Relationship and Who Is She Dating Now? Inside The Love Life Of The TikTok Star October 7, 2022 by Dwomoh Darlingberg TikTok star Victoria Paris ‘s dating life has become an obsession for some onliners. Few people on TikTok are as polarizing as Victoria Paris. Sep 5, 2022 · Victoria is one of six American women living in Paris showcased on the series, which lives somewhere between the Real Housewives franchise and Bravo fare of the mid-aughts, like Gallery Girls and. Sep 28, 2022 · Victoria Zito was married before to her ex-husband at a young age before appearing on Real Girlfriend of Paris. Zito is the cast of the recent reality show Real Girlfriends of Paris. The contestant is a small-town girl from Texas who had big fashion dreams. She was born and raised in Texas, Victoria. Apr 20, 2021 · April 20, 2021. Hannah Stapleton. It’s hard to scroll through TikTok without coming across the NYC-based influencer, Victoria Paris ( @victoriaparisf ). She’s real, she’s bubbly, and she’s in my opinion, bound to be the new “it girl” in the online climate. Victoria is reinventing the TikTok game with her vlog-style posts. Sep 6, 2022 · In Bravo’s Real Girlfriends in Paris, six twentysomething American women dive headfirst into romance and adventure in the City of Lights. Among the women is 26-year-old Victoria Zito, a “small. May 26, 2021 · Victoria Paris is a TikTok influencer who became successful on the platform in just four months through her intimate connection, honesty, openness and transparency with her audience. After losing her job and ending a relationship, Paris moved to New York City in the middle of the pandemic and started her TikTok account to promote her Depop. Sep 5, 2022 · When “Real Girlfriends in Paris” star Victoria Zito came out as bisexual as cameras rolled for the new Bravo reality show late last year, she felt immediate “relief.”. “I don’t have.